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Key Features

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      EASy II

      Highly intuitive and interactive, Falcon’s EASy II flight deck features technology transferred from Dassault jet fighters to redefine the business jet cockpit. So now jet and pilot fly as one.

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      The plane’s massively powerful brakes, combined with automatic airbrake activation, provide rapid, controlled deceleration.

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      Fully-equipped, spacious, connected and amongst the quietest in the sky, the 2000LX cabin has it all.

    • Advanced Aerodynamics

      Advanced wing and fuselage shaping plus leading-edge slats and double slotted Fowler flaps deliver substantial benefits throughout the flight regime.
    • High-Mach blended winglets

      High-Mach blended winglets give the Falcon 2000LX 4,000nm range at a cruise speed of Mach .80 and a fuel savings advantage of up to 65% over its competitors.

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      The 2000LX’s twin Pratt & Whitney Canada PW308C engines provide flexible, reliable, economical power and are optimized for ease of maintenance.

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      Enhanced Vision System

      Falcon’s Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS) provides exceptional situational awareness. Pilots have a clear ‘heads up’ picture of the airport environment, improving safety at night and in bad weather.


EASy II: Business aviation’s most advanced flight deck,

When Dassault Falcon introduced the EASy flight deck it was hailed as a major breakthrough. This smart system dramatically improved situational awareness and decreased pilot workload and stress. Now EASy II represents yet another major advancement by taking full advantage of the latest technological and safety developments, as well as customer/owner feedback.


P&WC PW308C Engines: Made-to-order performance

The PW308C engine was developed specifically for the 2000LX by Pratt & Whitney Canada. Each delivers 7,000 lb of thrust on takeoff (up to 30°C at sea level) to power this jet to 41,000ft in just 19 minutes.
The 2000LX offers better fuel efficiencies than any competitor in its class thanks to advanced aerodynamics. Single-pivot thrust reversers from Nordam deliver safe, reliable service. And with 7,000 hours between overhauls, your Falcon 2000LX is designed to spend more time in the air working.


Autobrakes: Shorter airfields, safer landings

Specially designed for short runways like London City Airport, the Falcon 2000LX autobrake system adds greater safety margins by reducing landing distances by up to 150 ft on normal approaches and 300 ft on steep approaches. Pilot-engaged at the touch of a button, the system begins braking the second the main landing gear makes contact with the runway and while the nose gear is still off the ground. Passengers feel no more deceleration than in a conventional high-performance landing.

Take a look inside the 2000LX