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Dassault Falcon has reinvented the private jet travel experience

It’s a bigger, more comfortable experience. A healthier experience. A more productive experience. 

A new sense of space


The biggest, most advanced Falcon yet

Consider these impressive facts and figures: a six-foot, six-inch cabin height, the tallest in business aviation; a wider cabin than previous Falcons; a top speed
of .90 Mach; a range of 5,200 nautical miles and the short-field capability of much smaller jets.

Yet all this performance and capability is achieved with the lowest fuel consumption in its category. The 5X is as much as 50 percent more efficient on short missions.


The State-of-the-Art Falcon 5X

The Falcon 5X has business aviation’s most advanced fly-by-wire system. The ultra-efficient Silvercrest engines extract maximum power from every precious pound of fuel. The cabin cradles you on eleven-hour flights and allows you to walk off feeling your very best.

The ultimate benefit: a big plane you can use efficiently for almost any mission, short or long.

The Falcon 5X is built to appeal to all your senses, not least your common sense.

Facts & Figures

Aircraft model
Maximum operating speed VMO 370 kias
Maximum range 5,200 nm
Maximum operating altitude 51,000 ft
​Maximum number of passengers 12-14
Maximum takeoff weight 69,600 lb
Maximum operating Mach MMO M.90
External dimensions
Length 82.6 ft
Height 24.6 ft
Wing span 85.11 ft
Internal dimensions
Cabin length (excluding cockpit and baggage) 38.7 ft
Maximum headroom 78.00 in
Maximum width 102.00 in
Cabin volume (excluding cockpit and baggage) 1,766.00 cu ft
Maximum takeoff weight 69,600 lb
Maximum zero fuel weight 43,500 lb
Maximum fuel 28,200 lb
Maximum landing weight 66,100 lb
Manufacturer Safran Snecma
Nbr/Type 2 x Silvercrest
SL-ISA Thrust 11,450 lb
Flat rated to ISA+15°C



Discover where a Falcon can take you

Whether conducting business or cementing relationships, there is no alternative to meeting people in person. The Falcon’s excellent nonstop range and unique ability to land at small airports gets you closer to your destination.

Select an aircraft

Choose an airport

Actual performance may be affected by real aircraft configuration (outfitting options, operating items) and by ATC routing and weather conditions
Falcon 8X : 8 passengers, Mach .80, 85% Wind reliability, NBAA IFR Reserves
Falcon 7X : 8 passengers, Mach .80, 85% Wind reliability, NBAA IFR Reserves
Falcon 5X : 8 passengers, Mach .80, 85% Wind reliability, NBAA IFR Reserves
Falcon 900LX : 6 passengers, Long Range Cruise, 85% Wind reliability, NBAA IFR Reserves
Falcon 2000LXS : 6 passengers, Mach .80, 85% Wind reliability, NBAA IFR Reserves
Falcon 2000S : 6 passengers, Mach .80, 85% Wind reliability, NBAA IFR Reserves

Impressive range

Imagine flying from Los Angeles to London City, nonstop. Or New-York to Sao Paulo, Shanghai to Sydney. The Falcon 5X connects the most frequented international
city pairs, nonstop. The 5X will change your perspective on what is possible with a large jet.

Remarkable field performance

With a balanced field length of 5,035 ft (1,535 m) with 8 passengers, and the ability to use much shorter airfields, the Falcon 5X can access significantly more airports than its competitors.

Go fast, go far

The Falcon 5X has a maximum range of 5,200 nautical miles at its long-range cruise speed of Mach .80. Choose to fly at normal cruise of Mach .85 and still accomplish long, inter-continental missions with a range of 4,750 nautical miles. For coast-to-coast U.S. travel, or other trips of 3,000 nautical miles or more, you can fly even faster. Top speed is Mach .90. 

Once you are up and away, you’ll want to fly fast. Fighter heritage means a fast, tough airplane, and like other Falcons, the 5X has no speed limitations in turbulence. Climb directly to 41,000 feet, which often helps Air Traffic Control provide more direct routings. During typical cruise altitudes of 43,000 to 47,000 on long range missions, you'll often be above the Jetstream in air that is usually silky smooth.

“The go-anywhere big business jet.”

BFL at MTOW: SL - ISA5,250 ft
FAR 91 landing distance at typical landing weightNot yet available
Approach Speed Vref at typical landing weight105 kias
Maximum operating altitude51,000 ft
Range5,200 nm
Maximum speed370 kias
Maximum Operating Mach (MMO)M .90


Land slowly and safely

As seductive as high-speeds may be, part of the value of a Falcon is a wide speed envelope. As with previous Falcon generations, the wing of the 5X is optimized for both high- and low-speed performance. Leading edge slats and trailing edge flaps yield remarkably low takeoff and approach speeds. In fact, typical (Vref) approach speed for the 5X is 105 knots. That’s up to 20 knots slower than most jets with comparable range and near the approach speed of some short-field turboprops.

Low-speed capability equates to greater safety margins on takeoff and landing. It also opens up more airports — very often the ones that are most convenient for you. With a balanced field length of 5,250 feet, the 5X can use more airports than competitors. It can fly farther from them, especially the most challenging fields such as Aspen or London City. Even with a partial fuel load, you’ll be amazed at the small airports you can use, including those with runways of less than 4,000 feet.



Click and drag the aircraft to rotate.

Key Features

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      Combined Vision System

      The infrared camera is mounted flush in the nose as an aerodynamic refinement. A brand new Head-Up display (Combined Vision System) allows information to be presented from both the Enhanced and Synthetic Vision Systems.

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      Pilots will appreciate the widest cockpit ever in a Falcon. Improvements to ergonomics and seats make it the most comfortable Falcon cockpit, reducing fatigue over long and short trips.

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      New Wing

      The all new 5X wing is designed to achieve new aerodynamic efficiencies. It boasts the highest lift-to-drag ratio of any Falcon wing, and has high buffet margins, allowing it to fly high, fast and efficiently.

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      Dynamic controls surfaces, like the 'flaperon', adapted from Dassault's military heritage, optimize both approach and short-field performance as well as handling characteristics.

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      Digital Flight Control System

      Building on fighter and Falcon 7X experience, a new generation of Dassault’s Digital Flight Control System (DFCS) manages all moving surfaces. These include flaperons, and even the nose wheel steering to adjust for gusts on the ground.

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      Cabin (size, comfort)

      The cabin is the tallest in business aviation, and the largest in any Falcon. Its design has been totally rethought, retaining all the comfort for which Falcon cabins are renowned. Twenty-eight larger windows provide more ambient light and better views.

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      FalconCabin HD+

      In the 5X, the transition from home or office is transparent. Every seat is a VIP seat, with access to music and movies via Wifi with an Apple device. Passengers can customize their own airshow and control lighting, temperature and volume levels from an app.

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      Landing Gear

      Trailing link landing gear not only provides softer landings, its robust strength is part of what allows the 5X to land at 95% of MTOW, meaning shorter missions are possible with maximum payload and fuel on board.

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      New Engines

      The all-new Safran-Snecma Silvercrest engines have one of the highest bypass ratios in business aviation, meaning less fuel burnt as well as lower emissions and noise levels.

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      The beauty of beginning with a blank sheet of paper is the ability to do things that have never been done before.
      The first ever Skylight in an airplane provides warm natural light in an area typically without windows – the entry way and galley.


Advanced Digital Flight Control System

Like the 7X, the Digital Flight Control System (DFCS) in the 5X provides flight envelope protection to avoid inadvertently exceeding structural speed limits and stalls. Because of these protections, pilots can command maximum performance quickly and decisively without exceeding tolerances. Hazardous situations such as wind sheer, sudden traffic avoidance maneuvers and traffic pattern go-arounds become far easier and safer to manage.

Hand flying a Falcon equipped with a DFCS imposes a much smaller workload on the pilot. For example, the system automatically trims the aircraft; no pilot action is required. Non fly-by-wire aircraft, and even some aircraft with fly-by-wire, require frequent manual trim adjustment when hand flying, adding to pilot workload.

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Smooth operator

Every pilot aims to be smooth on the controls. DFCS makes even the very best of them smoother, harmonizing control inputs around the aircraft’s three axes, augmenting pitch and roll damping, as well as yaw stability. On autopilot, DFCS is constantly working to smooth control response as the aircraft encounters turbulence, improving the ride.

Smarter control, even on the ground

A large, powerful rudder provides responsive control during both gusty, crosswind takeoffs and approaches. Pilots will be delighted to find that nose wheel steering is integrated into the Digital Flight Control System, allowing faster and smoother reactions to side gusts on the ground and more precise tracking of the runway centerline.

DFCS is a harmonious integration of all control surfaces, yielding a smoother, more precise flight. It will delight pilots and passengers alike.


Flaperons – Another step forward in control technology

Incorporated and refined by Dassault on the Rafale fighter and state-of-the-art unmanned combat air vehicle, the nEUROn, flaperons are active, high-speed deflection controls surfaces, similar to ailerons. Flaperons combine the lift and drag producing effects of flaps with the roll control authority of ailerons.

Integrated with DFCS, flaperons are always active, enhancing roll authority, but their benefits are most apparent on approach, especially those where a steep descent profile is required, for example in St. Moritz, London City or Aspen.

Flaperons and DFCS permit a drag increase on approach while maintaining a high lift coefficient. When desired, the pilot can fly a steep approach angle without an increase in approach speed. Even for normal glideslopes, the objective is to approach as slowly as possible, with the best control possible and good forward visibility. Flaperons augment handling all the way to touchdown.


Every curve has a purpose

The Falcon 5X is the beautiful marriage of a wide-body cabin with an all-new, fast and ultra-efficient wing. The 5X wing has a moderately swept leading edge (33 degrees) and an innovative curved trailing edge. Its winglets are unique, designed to perfectly integrate with the wing. Constant and subtle wing contour changes control airflow at high speeds.

The result is the highest lift/drag ratio of any Falcon wing, a key for improving fuel efficiency. The 5X wing has high buffet margins at high altitude and high cruise speeds, improving speed and safety.

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Sculpting away drag

The nose is shaped so as not to disrupt airflow, with windows smoothly faired into the forward fuselage section as it arcs toward the cabin. Even the 5X enhanced vision camera system is mounted flush in the nose to reduce one small source of drag.

Composite fairings around the wing and fuselage intersection keep air flowing smoothly around the airframe, minimizing drag.

The tail surfaces are sized and shaped for minimal drag while providing powerful and precise pitch and yaw control thanks to the aircraft’s Digital Flight Control System.

Area ruling

Some of the most complex airflow interactions occur as air speeds between engine nacelles and airframe. Here a concept called "area ruling" – in which the fuselage tapers inward – was employed with great precision to keep localized airflow from reaching extreme velocities that lead to high drag.


Today's engine meets tomorrow's requirements

The Falcon 5X and the Silvercrest engine were developed in tandem, with Safran’s Snecma propulsion division designing the engine to Dassault’s unique requirements. The aerodynamic refinements of the 5X, paired with the Silvercrest engine, yield remarkable performance and efficiency.

Its robust design draws on Snecma’s decades of experience with the most widely used airliner engine, the CFM56. The Silvercrest engine’s advanced aerodynamics, metallurgy and computer controls make it the most efficient and powerful engine for its size.

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Innovative designers & advanced tools

The Silvercrest engine is innovative throughout. The clearance between turbine blades and the engine shroud, for example, plays a critical role in how efficiently fuel is converted to energy. The Silvercrest engine automatically senses and adjusts the clearance to close gaps and gain efficiency. The 6:1 bypass ratio (among the highest in business aviation) yields greater efficiency. Specific fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are at least 15% lower than current engines. NOx levels are up to 50 percent below current standards. Noise is as much as 20 EPNdB below Stage 4 regulations, meaning a significant margin below anticipated future regulations. All of these figures are good for the environment today, and protect your investment for the future as more stringent standard come into effect.

Real-time health monitoring

The Silvercrest engine will be further supported by a sophisticated airborne monitoring system heretofore only available to certain airline operators. It is a first in business aviation and represents the most advanced health monitoring and response system in aviation today.

Real-time engine data is automatically transmitted in-flight to Snecma for monitoring and analysis, using advanced algorithms to detect anomalies. Snecma support engineers are able to make diagnoses, predict remaining life of engine components, and formulate recommendations—all while your 5X is in the air. Any deviation from normal operations will be reviewed with the aircraft’s flight department within minutes so that service can be quickly coordinated.

Each year Snecma's Technical Support Teams monitor 21 million hours of operation, helping to refine what is perhaps the world’s best predictive engine monitoring process.


The flight deck - The pilot's office

Pilots of modern Falcons will quickly be at home on the 5X flight deck, with its intuitive EASy avionics architecture. The 5X will be equipped with 3rd generation EASy, a future derivative of Dassault's Award Winning avionics suite. The flight deck is bigger and more comfortable. Its design reflects input and requests from current Falcon operators — for example, increased automation to more rapidly power up and power down the aircraft.

Four large windows provide exceptional visibility, including wide-angle visibility to check wingtip clearance while taxiing. The glare shield is even shaped to give pilots an expanded field of view.

Crew seats are larger and more comfortable, with more legroom. Seats are easily aligned for a perfect visual perspective. Pilots of any size will feel they are sitting in the perfect position.

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Your support network

The Falcon 5X establishes a new benchmark for on-board maintenance monitoring capability. Where previous Falcons have onboard diagnostics to monitor hundreds of parameters, the 5X system connects to all onboard computers and monitors approximately 10,000, all in real-time.

The 5X is the first Falcon to incorporate a real-time maintenance monitoring system, which constantly transmits maintenance status to Dassault Customer Service on the ground. Flight departments are immediately notified of an in-flight maintenance issue so that ground support can be put into motion quickly, even before the plane has landed. Moreover, this new data collection system permits fleet-wide trend analysis to further improve reliability.

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Your support network

The Falcon 5X is a new airplane with a well-established network of worldwide support. At introduction, all of Dassault Falcon’s 43 factory and Authorized Service Centers will be trained and equipped to service the 5X.

To this end, maintenance specialists have been embedded with the design team from the start. Virtual maintenance software allows the engineering team to analyze component accessibility and design procedures for rapid line service. Dassault expects this forethought to make the 5X one of the most productive business jets in the world.

On the 5X, in case of an in-flight maintenance issue, flight departments are immediately notified so that ground support can be put into motion quickly, even before the plane has landed. Moreover, this new data collection system permits fleet-wide trend analysis to further improve reliability as the aircraft matures.


Peace of mind with SilverCare: the Silvercrest service plan

Robust design allows for on-condition (rather than periodic) inspection. On-condition maintenance is common on commercial airliners, but the Silvercrest engine is the first business aviation engine without required overhaul intervals. Because maintenance is “on-condition,” operators may never have occasion to remove an engine for overhaul.

The Silvercrest SilverCare service plan makes engine support costs entirely predictable and enhances resale value.

Snecma today supports more than 25,000 commercial engines around the world, including more than 100 airliner aircraft operated as business jets, through existing field infrastructure and technical support.

A dedicated worldwide support network, separate from airline support operations, will support Silvercrest operators.

Take a look inside the 5X

Browse the Dassault Falcon 5X Cutaway poster

Full size version


Experience a new
dimension in space

A cabin built around your sense of wellbeing

The 5X cabin will redefine your air travel experience. You have more personal space to sit or stand. The spacious cabin is designed to provide areas for privacy and relaxation as well as common areas where teams can meet and confer. The cabin of the 5X will help you accomplish more.

Take a 3D tour of the cabin

Never feel crowded

A matter of inches makes a surprisingly large difference in your overall comfort. Absolute floor-to-ceiling height is simply the tallest in a purpose-built business jet — an unprecedented six-feet, six-inches. With a completed interior, six foot, four inch CEOs will stand tall and proud. And everyone aboard will appreciate the sense of added space.

The 102-inch-wide cross section – among the largest in business aviation – gives you more elbow room, more aisle space, a larger galley and deeper, more comfortable divans.

With so much space, the 5X cabin is, without a doubt, the most comfortable in the long-range segment.

The wireless cabin

In a wireless world, the 5X cabin will make you feel right at home. It includes options for viewing entertainment content and news on iPads, and streaming content from tablets to cabin monitors. The 5X will offer the latest generation of the popular FalconCabin HD+ cabin management system, including its Skybox media server with a vast iTunes video and music library. Our iPhone app even allows you to control lighting, volume level and entertainment options, right from the palm of your hand.

There’s more to comfort
than meets the eye

At a cruise altitude of 41,000 feet, cabin altitude in the 5X is just 3,900 feet – a much more comfortable environment for your body where you receive more oxygen. That’s one reason you feel so much better at the end of a long flight.

Dassault’s unique cabin air filtration and circulation system keeps you breathing easier, and getting more fresh air in your lungs. Cabin air is fully refreshed in as little as two to three minutes.

Sound levels are the same as the Falcon 7X, known to be the best on the market, and eight decibels below the level of normal conversation. You won’t have to raise your voice to be heard in flight.

The benefits of natural light

Increased natural light does more than improve the view. It elevates your mood and enlarges your perspective.

The 28 large, expansive windows of the 5X provide unbeatable luminosity.

The Sun. The Moon. The Stars.

The Falcon 5X offers an unprecedented direct view of the sky overhead through its skylight ceiling window.
This unique window on the sky transforms your perception of space while providing natural light from above.


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The Biggest,
Most Advanced Falcon Yet