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Dassault Aviation Modernizes the Falcon 900LX
Orlando, Florida

Dassault Aviation today unveiled a modernized Falcon 900LX with a sleek, stylish cabin and new features to offer passengers a level of flying comfort and efficiency that matches the tastes and requirements of today’s business jet owners.
The Falcon 900LX features a fully redesigned cabin, substantially reduced noise levels and new cabin and cockpit features, including a vacuum toilet system, new connectivity services, Dassault’s proprietary FalconEye Combined Vision System and a new Dassault-designed integrated Electronic Flight Bag solution.
“The new Falcon 900LX further modernizes what has become the most legendary family of business jets ever produced,” said Eric Trappier, Chairman and CEO of Dassault Aviation. “We’re bringing to market a proven and tested platform with an advanced contemporary interior and cutting edge cabin and cockpit enhancements.”
New, contemporary interior design features
The new cabin design for the Falcon 900LX features uninterrupted, flowing lines that are intended to de-clutter the cabin and enhance the feeling of space, thus maximizing passenger flying comfort. Designers paid close attention to the integration of cabin equipment to make it as accessible and easy to use as possible.
Comfort is further enhanced by a new LED mood lighting system that produces both high quality traditional white light and a selection of programmable mood lighting ambiences; a vacuum toilet; and advanced acoustical insulation systems. The new acoustics, derived from the recently introduced Falcon 8X ultra-long range trijet, reduce cabin noise by 2 dB SIL.
The new cabin is compatible with the latest broadband connectivity systems, ensuring seamless in-flight communications and high-speed access to Internet and corporate networks. The cabin also comes equipped with FalconCabin HD+ which utilizes the latest fiber optic network technology to distribute crisp, high definition audio and video content throughout the cabin and gives passengers total control of cabin functions in one easy-to-use solution.
FalconEye and new EFB now available on 900LX
The Falcon 900LX also offers the latest in flight deck technology, in particular Dassault’s new FalconEye Combined Vision System and a new integrated Electronic Flight Bag solution, dubbed Falcon Sphere II.
FalconEye is the first head-up display (HUD) system to blend synthetic, database-driven terrain mapping and enhanced thermal/low-light images into a single view, providing unprecedented situational awareness to flight crews in all types of operating service, including fog, mist, snow and other severe weather conditions, day or night.
Leading aircraft in its class
Certified in 2010, the Falcon 900LX is the most advanced version of the Falcon 900 line, which has been the industry benchmark for reliability, versatility and fuel economy ever since it was introduced.
The aircraft features a pair of High-Mach blended winglets that help reduce aircraft drag as much as 5%. The winglets help make the 900LX the most efficient airplane in its class, with a fuel burn up to 40% lower than any other competing aircraft.
The 4,750 nm (8,800 km) Falcon 900LX can connect Paris to Beijing, Hong Kong to Sydney, or Dubai to Tokyo nonstop. It is capable of landing with a full load of fuel, which makes it possible to take off from, say Washington, DC and make a quick stop in New York before flying on to Europe.
The Falcon 900LX also holds EASA and FAA steep approach approval, allowing it to operate with approach angles of up to 6 degrees, instead of the 3 degrees used most commonly. This approval makes the 900LX, like other Falcons, compliant for operations at London City Airport.
More than 500 Falcon 900s have been delivered to date. Most of them are still in service, a tribute to the robustness of design and construction for which all Falcons are famous.

Note for the Editors

Dassault Falcon is the recognized global brand for Dassault business jets which are designed, manufactured and supported by Dassault Aviation and Dassault Falcon Jet Corp.

About Dassault Aviation

Dassault Aviation is a leading aerospace company with a presence in over 90 countries across five continents. It produces the Rafale fighter jet as well as the complete line of Falcons. The company employs a workforce of over 11,000 and has assembly and production plants in both France and the United States and service facilities around the globe. Since the rollout of the first Falcon 20 in 1963, over 2,500 Falcon jets have been delivered. Dassault offers a range of six business jets from the twin-engine 3,350 nm large-cabin Falcon 2000S to its new flagship, the tri-engine 6,450 nm ultra-long range Falcon 8X.

About Dassault Falcon Jet

Dassault Falcon Jet Corp., is a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of Dassault Aviation, France. Dassault Falcon Jet markets and supports the Falcon family of business jets throughout North America and South America.

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